Bora Bora

BoraBora-AerialNestled about 150 miles northwest of the island of Tahiti lies the crowning jewel of French Polynesia, the island of Bora Bora.  Just 18 miles around, Bora Bora is dominated by two volcanic peaks of black rock– Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia.  Hibiscus and palm trees line the hills and valleys, and a breathtakingly beautiful turquoise lagoon surrounds the island.   With its plush white sand beaches, pristine blue waters, expansive coral gardens, and colorful array of tropical fish, Bora Bora offers the most dramatic beauty of any island in the South Pacific.


Bora Bora Activities

Snorkeling Bora BoraTeeming with untouched trails, pristine waters, and exotic biodiversity, Bora Bora has activities that are sure to excite even the most discriminating adventurer.  Snorkeling in the lagoon and admiring the brightly colored tropical fish and coral is very popular.  In fact, many guests will jump right into the lagoon from their overwater bungalows and spend the day admiring the beauty beneath the sea.  Shark and ray feedings are another great way to appreciate and interact with the sea life on Bora Bora.

Exploring the island of Bora Bora itself is another popular activity.  Hike Mount Otemanu and see what paradise looks like from the top!  With lush forests, fascinating World War II artifacts, and culturally rich villages scattered throughout the main island, there is indeed much more to Bora Bora than a fantastic day at the beach!

Other popular activities in Bora Bora include outrigger canoe rides, sunset cruises, shopping (especially for Tahitian pearls!), diving, and enjoying a relaxing day at the legendary Polynesian spas.

Bora Bora Romance

BoraBora-Romance-St.RegisWidely recognized as one of the most romantic places in the world, Bora Bora is frequently visited by honeymooners, babymooners, couples celebrating their anniversary, couples getting engaged, and discerning romantic travelers.

Bora Bora honeymoons are popular due to the privacy and amenities of overwater bungalows, the surreal calm and beauty of the island itself, and the shockingly extensive menu of romantic services offered by each of the resorts.

Bora Bora Weather and Seasons

Bora Bora enjoys warm, tropical weather year-round.  Cooled by the relaxing, gentle breeze of the Pacific, Bora Bora’s climate is sunny and pleasant.  The average ocean temperature is in the low 80’s.  Because French Polynesia is located below the Equator, the seasons are opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere.

In general, Bora Bora enjoys two seasons.  From November through April, the climate is warmer and more humid with daily high temperatures of about 85 F and lows of around 70F at night.  More rain falls during the warmer season, but there are also many lovely sunny days with refreshing trade-winds during these months.  In fact, during the period of November through March, Bora Bora still averages more sunshine hours than Honolulu. From May through October, the climate is cooler and drier with daily high temperatures of about 82F and lows of 70F at night.

Finally, Bora Bora features micro-climates related to the varying altitudes of the mountainous land.  The Eastern coast is more exposed to trade winds and consequently receives more rainfall than the western coast, which is more sheltered.


Formed around seven million years ago of volcanic origin, Bora Bora is situated 155 miles to the northwest of Tahiti.

Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora is essentially composed of one main island, which is approximately six miles long by 2 ½ miles wide.  The mainland contains a central mountain chain dominated by the summits of Mount Otemanu (2,384 ft.) and the double peaked Mount Pahia (2,030 ft.)

Separated from the principle island by a deep lagoon lies the small island of Toopua and the islet of Toopua Iti.  These islands are the eroded remnants of a crater, and enclose the central part of an ancient volcano.

The main island’s coast is extremely jagged and is bordered by a fringing reef that disappears into the southern part of the island, giving way to the magnificent white sand beaches of Taahana and Matira.

How to Get to Bora Bora

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In order to get to Bora Bora, you will need to first fly into Papeete, the capital of Tahiti.  A flight from Los Angeles to Papeete is approximately 8 hours.  You will then fly from Tahiti to Bora Bora on Air Tahiti, which will take approximately 45 minutes.  Many flights from Tahiti to Bora Bora also make stops in Moorea, Huahine and Raiatea.  Ferry transportation is available, but is not recommended for vacations or honeymooners.


Bora Bora Transportation

The best way to get around Bora Bora, which you can tour in a single day, is by moped or bicycle, but we strongly encourage vacationers to take a jeep safari tour.  The lagoon can be explored by motorboat or by outrigger canoe.  Travelers looking to examine Bora Bora from the sky can hire a helicopter to provide an aerial island tour.