Planning the Perfect Bali Honeymoon

With its pristine beaches, romantic landscapes, and fascinating culture, Bali is the perfect place to honeymoon.  We hope you’ll use these tips to help you plan the perfect Bali Honeymoon.

Pura Besakih temple complex, Bali1.  We recommend that you split your honeymoon time between two different cities in Bali.  Spending time in the city of Ubud is an absolute must while vacationing in Bali because Ubud is its cultural epicenter.  In Ubud, you’ll be able to experience an elephant camp, bike through rice paddies, tour a John Hardy jewelry factory, hike Mount Batur (an active volcano!), go white water rafting, visit Hindu temples, or explore a monkey forest.

After enjoying so much adventure and culture in Ubud, we recommend venturing to one of Bali’s enchanting beach areas so that you may get a feel for coastal Bali.  Whether you’re going to Seminyak or Jimbaran Bay, you’ll have the opportunity to go snorkeling or diving, play in the pristine waters, take a Thai cooking class, and (if you’re in Jimbaran Bay) enjoy some delicious seafood at one of the many seafood stalls (sort of like food trucks) lining the streets.

2.  Since there are no direct flights to Bali from the United States, and the length of the entire trip is a bit extensive, we recommend that honeymooners traveling to Bali consider exploring another Asian city for a day or two between flights.  This may assist you in getting acclimated with the time difference, and it gives you a great opportunity to explore a city you’ve never seen.  Whether you take a day to explore Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, or Siem Reap, you’re in for a treat.

3.  You should absolutely check out an authentic Balinese Dance Show.  Dance is an Balinese Danceenormous part of Balinese culture and celebrations.  The Four Seasons and Uluwatu offer particularly amazing and authentic shows that will not disappoint.

4.  Since much of the dining in Bali is hotel and restaurant based, we wanted to recommend Mosaic restaurant in Ubud.  They offer delicious tasting menus and are a perfect choice for a romantic honeymoon dinner.

5.  Beach clubs are a great place to enjoy an evening cocktail in Bali’s beach areas.  Far from night clubs, beach clubs are more loungey in feel, have restaurants, and can be quite romantic.  In Seminyak, we recommend Chandi and Ku De Ta.  In Jimbaran Bay, we recommend Sandara.

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